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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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public works and city manager managed to get one elena opened on the york road. we will tell you about another of water main break. this is the 1600 block of east cold spring elena. they have a water main break that happened at 6:30 this morning, causing major issues as well. both water main breaks were due to infrastructure, not a passing storm we just had. >> thank you very much. we are falling breaking news right now. an incident at south river high- school involving a bb gun. school administrators found a loaded bb gun and unloaded pistol and a backpack. upon further investigations, the student had apparently threatened to students and warned them not to tell anyone he had a gun.
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stay tuned for any more developments on this story. >> the other big story tonight is monitoring the aftermath of super stormed sandy. we have continued team coverage last -- you can check today. monitoring transit troubles at penn station. we will begin with the very latest from new jersey. >> and good evening. it is another day of clean up and recovery, not only here in new jersey but up and down the atlantic seaboard. an overwhelming task with no real and in sight. >> when the damage is so intense and so far reaching it can be hard to figure out how to start to come back. >> >> in many areas, crews are
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moving them s that sandy left behind. but in some of the hardest-hit communities, there are no recovery teams or residence yet. >> no heat, no hot water, there is not much we have. we need more help. >> supplies and support are pouring in. troops and heavy equipment, but still the need is overwhelming. >> the full toll of hurricane sandy on new yorkers is still emerging. >> subway trains are slowly coming back on line. charging stations provide a lifeline, but it is lines like these, thousands waiting for buses in brooklyn and cars inching back into this city and miles of motorists pushing at
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times literally to try to come back. >> recovering from it is not going to be easy, but by working together, we will recover and rebuild our cities stronger than ever. >> strength they will need as so many struggle to survive. >> hundreds of thousands will be without power. a strong winter storm put it -- could affect the region. >> some very tough times in new jersey tonight. our team coverage continues. at the jersey shore, see shot they -- saw the damage for himself. i know you have a personal connection to that area. what sandy did to the coastline should spark a debate -- should rebuilding be permitted and so
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close to the ocean. is this whether that new normal? i am very familiar with the area hit so hard. >> if you have any doubt maryland dodged a big one, take a look at new jersey. >> this was not here. this was land before sandy came through. there were houses, there was beach, and route 35 went right through there. now, it is a brand new inlet. >> i'm familiar with what it looked like before sandy. i've been coming to this barrier island since i was six weeks old. parts of it are unrecognizable. the bridge this appears where it used to join the main road and the houses around it were someplace else before sandy roared through. who knows how that house and it up there? >> it that is a channel in the
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water. i don't know where that house came from. >> further south, the iconic boardwalk has lost both amusement years. this is what it used to look like and now. this is what the boardwalk look like before monday with a big sand dune designed to protect the town and property. sandy took care of both. the surge push the doo-doo houses and streets, piling up like snow. everywhere, there is destruction. houses piled on one another. even stilts' did not save some from said the's theory. >> right below us. i found out today, my family was lucky. the house that had been my family for more than 50 years appears to be ok. it has been in the same spot where it was supposed to be,
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which was our greatest concern, that it might have gotten move because it was on an older foundation. there was minor damage and the house got flooded but it could have been much, much worse. >> on sunday, mandatory evacuations had been ordered for the community. that probably explains why in the face of all that destruction, why no deaths had been reported. >> it is interesting watching your story. you don't see how -- you don't see anybody out there working. did you see any cruise? this is a real challenge. there is no timetable for letting property owners get back into these communities. we could only see what we saw from the air. we saw limited work going on. it's a real challenge to get the power in there and get the
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area opened up. >> that is going to take a while. probably years to have things and getting back to normal. >> western maryland is traveling -- is suffering some of the worst winter in effects. many roads remained impassable after the area was hit by more than 2 feet of snow. all of their resources are focused on garrett county. the main concern is getting help to senior citizens and the disabled. fema has temporarily moved its headquarters out west to respond to problems there. nearly 151st responders from baltimore city. 11 news were there as the search and rescue team was they're providing for search and rescue operations. personnel from several jurisdictions are part of that. we are now just below 8000
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customers without power, but the money -- but that number is shrinking. they have restored electricity to over 330,000 customers. the highest concentration of power outages is in baltimore county with around 4000 customers without power. crews are working round-the- clock to get everyone back online. >> slowly but surely, travel by air and even cruise ship is getting back on line. but problems remain. but still live outside penn station tonight. i imagine that traveling to train is not going to happen anytime soon. >> bobsled -- it is not. depending on where you are going is how difficult our plants will be. southbound is more difficult than northbound. service really won't be restored north of new jersey until at least monday as the entire travel agency tries to get back to normal.
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now that sandy has passed and people are trying to get back to normal, amtrak is probably having the most trouble as tracks remain flooded and damaged in and north of new york. as far as baltimore is concerned, there is modified service, meaning you can get as far as n.y., new jersey. not the good news for this lady tried to back to queens. >> there are no trains to new york until monday. and that's not a word i want to use right now. >> there were some minor blips' with baltimore's cruise terminal. passengers said to leave on the royal caribbean enchantment of the seas have a choice to get a voucher for their crews or take a cruise to nowhere up the chesapeake bay and out to sea for one day. >> most of us want to just relax and read and do nothing or go to being go or what ever, so we got what we wanted to do. >> this was one of 1200
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passengers who took the crews and said writing out sandy was ok. >> the captain did a wonderful job and when we were anchored, you couldn't even tell we were on a ship. >> our flight was cancelled on tuesday. we found out monday afternoon, but we could not read a book until today. we are flying home today. >> things were pretty much back to normal with some canceling arriving flights out of laguardia. airport officials who said storm preparation went off without a hitch said they never closed the airport. rather, airlines cancelled flights sunday and monday and removed all of their planes from the airfield. >> all of the prep work goes into this. all of the things went right because a lot of people did their homework and i think we did pretty well. >> another thing to think about is all but commerce lost.
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the cab's behind me here, they told me they are losing tens of thousands of dollars each day in fares and tips. >> thank you very much. you can track travel delays across the country and see how long the wait is at security lines at click on whether for travel delays. >> still ahead, a brown, murkiness. >> state officials are trying to figure out how to deal with the next round of aftereffects when it comes to super storm sandy. all of that pollution is headed our way. >> more maryland high school students are graduating, but where are they going once they crossed the stage? >> or gusty winds and rain ♪
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>> it was a violent halloween in baltimore city. police are investigating shootings -- two of them were deadly. police have made at least one arrest. the latest occurred in north baltimore where police say they found a man shot to death after he led authority last by. as for a suspect and a motive,
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that case is still wide open. in southwest baltimore, police found a man shot and a 32-year- old william simons was taken to a hospital where he died. they think he was targeted and the motive was robbery. about one hour before that, another man was shot in east baltimore. police say they charge a man in connection with that non-fatal shooting. >> five days before election day and their race to the white house is back at full speed today. with next tuesday's outcome very much in doubt, both sides tried out their final pitches to voters in key battleground states. >> mitt romney went to virginia, a swing state where the race is tight and made his closing argument. >> if the president were to be reelected, you will see high levels of unemployment continue
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and stalled wage growth, just like we have seen over the last four years. >> his new ad is positive. >> but the former governor's path to a win looks difficult. he is down by six points in iowa and closer in new hampshire and wisconsin. >> that is where air force one when today -- green bay. president obama back on the trail after suspending campaign for hurricane sandy. >> we know what things look like and what the government is -- with the governor is softener -- with the governor is offering is not change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. >> his new ad features: paul. >> the president saved the auto industry and the actions he had -- he is taking -- he has taken
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protecting us from terrorism have been solid. >> the ads are an acknowledgement that governor romney has a chance to win the state and upset the match. >> the president wants to see if four more years, but our chant is this -- five more days. >> but floridians lined up today to early vote. tuesday is the last day of the election. >> new york mayor, michael bloomberg, who enjoys no candidate, today called for the reelection of barack obama. because, said the mayor, the president is fighting climate change. >> we also want to let you know that governor martin o'malley has issued an executive order regarding hurricane sandy and absentee ballots. if you were unable to apply in person because of the storm, election officials can accept applications received by mail today. they want to vote out of county
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if you are stuck somewhere duke to hurricanes and the. >> in tonight's medical alert, one more death to report related to the bundle meningitis outbreak. the cdc says the death toll is at 29 nationwide as the sister company implicated in the outbreak is recalling all of its products. they provide drugs to thousands of hospitals. the company says it has not received any reports of illness but is taking that precautionary step. a new study is revealing because of mumps outbreak. apparently it was a face to face educational message views among the orthodox jews. researchers say the outbreak indicates how close repeated contact with an affected person can overwhelm the vaccine. most of those infected have been properly vaccinated. the risk may be higher when the exposure dose is large or
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intensely transmitted. it may explain why it tends to be less effective. finally, trends in death rates for children who have diabetes. by be struck by over half in 2008 from 2.6 9 million in the '60s. better treatment may be responsible for that drop. the largest decline was seen in kids under the age of 10 but there has been a slight increase in diabetes-related death among teenagers since the late 1980's. that includes types 1 and 2 diabetes. doppler check out the and switch over to the computer.
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you will see what is happening on the radar screen as far as the scattered showers go in our area. looks like that is locked up as well. a look at the future cast for the region as we head into the next few days. it looks like it may well be a factor in the weather for the next couple of days or so. for the most part, we will continue to monitor the system as it slowly pulled away from our region. working on the computer here. it is it going to be very tough to get you any additional graphical information as far as the forecast goes. let's go back to the news desk and we will see if we can get our computer back in order. >> thank you. the strike on the east coast was
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felt long and painfully. also looking at how the storm progressed hour by hour. you will see the video taken by one of
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>> in tonight's education alert, more maryland students may be graduating from high school but they are far from being satisfied with the numbers. >> how many of the students are going on to college? we have that story from our education reporter. >> close to 60,000 barrel and students received their high- school diplomas. it's about 63% of all since it started out their freshman year. education officials are admitting there is room for improvement. >> we are moving in the right direction but we know we cannot rest until we have every child graduating and ready for college and ready for careers. >> a good number of high-school students are now on their second
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year of college. >> status like this sophomore who is a computer science major. she is not surprised more members of percy across graduated. >> you have to get this and looking back, it seemed easy to the college work i do now. >> admissions officials say as more students graduate from high school, more of them are making plans for higher education. >> we see an increase in students applying each year but there are different pathways that students take. other students choose to start a community college. >> students are already looking beyond their college years. >> i plan to go to a 4 year college and i have a five-year plan when i graduate and get a job. >> you can see the statewide
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graduation drop out and testing day that at our website. >> coming up, new charges in the penn state sex abuse case, this time against the -- in-line >> with their colleagues a conspiracy of silence. >>
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>> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 5:00.
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>> right now at 5:30, you are looking at a remarkable piece of time lapse a video of this scene in ocean city as super storm sandy moved through. this was taken by our 11 news photographer, one of the many members of our team in the thick of the storm. you can see the whole thing online on the homepage of our web site. >> nice. >> a good job again to all of our news team members. >> one of the other areas we have been monitoring is hartford county. all of the water will be coming through the window and with that
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comes more sediment and pollution from up river. >> after hurricane sandy, some legislators believed flood water coming through the dam will end up polluting the chesapeake bay. you are looking at a photograph from 2011. the water looks brown and murky and some legislators say that's because of the flood waters coming through. >> they want us to drain the pollutants out with a teaspoon while we have millions of gallons of water coming over the dam here which is the primary source of pollutants. >> state and county officials held a press conference. they say maryland laws are putting up a burden on maryland residents to clean up the day and doing nothing about the pollution coming from new york. >> it's all coming down to pennsylvania and new york at
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this point and for us to punish our citizens by imposing these taxes is not a good thing. >> the state of maryland is actively requiring counties to spend billions of dollars to clean up the lower part of the day but they are not addressing what is going on here. >> this is one of the biggest sources adding to the sediment and nutrients and it's not being addressed in any of the legislation being passed. >> a representative says sediment and pollution is killing the day. >> the runoff from this flood will devastate the upper part of the day again. last spring, we have no rock fish hatch. the worst ever hatch. >> a senior scientist with the chesapeake bay foundation disagrees. >> there is a problem with sediment behind a dam and there's a study going on right now to look at what some of the
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options are. but to use that as an excuse, we think that a complete destruction. >> here is a look at some of our main stories -- two big water main breaks and shutdown two main fares in baltimore city. public works officials say the first one happened along the 1800 block of east cold spring lane at 6:30 this morning. that will be closed to traffic for two days. then another break, a 16-inch main shut down york road between 34th street and old cold spring lane. units in that area are without water. apparently they have nothing to do with the storm. city homicide detectives had made an arrest and a murder in the district. a man is in custody in connection to killing michael allen. tuesday evening, police found
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allan suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. the victim was taken to hospital where he later died. 11 news is working to learn more about a case of alleged corruption in the baltimore city police department. a detective is charged with eight criminal counts for allegedly lying about a drug purchase. endeavoring to influence a witness by corrupt means and two counts of corruption. >> at 5:30, prosecutors are calling it a conspiracy of silence. former penn state president is charged in relation to the jerry sandusky abuse scandal. we've got details on the latest round of accusations that continue to haunt the university. >> almost five months after jerry sandusky was convicted, the former school president was
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a charge for trying to cover up those actions. additional charges were filed against two other penn state officials. >> this was not a mistake. this is not an oversight. it was not misjudgment. it's a conspiracy of silence by top officials working to actively concealed the truth. >> he joined the former athletic director and former university vice-president and facing a total of five charges. conspiracy, obstruction of justice, failure to spot -- fail -- failure to report suspected child abuse. >> if these men had done what they were expected to do in early required to do, several young men may not have been attacked by serial predator. >> all four officials have maintained their innocence. attorneys have assisted no factual basis to support the charges. the lawyers blame the charges on
5:34 pm
the republican governor who began the investigation as attorney general. he could seek reelection in 2014. >> the charges being filed today have no relationship whatsoever to any election. >> all are expected to be arraigned on friday. >> tonight, a mother is charged in a brutal murder of two young children. >> tonight, what caused her to pull out her knife and attack the two. >> dueling ads for same-sex marriage is starting to confuse voters. we will check the fact that 6:00.
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it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job...
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which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. >> more video to show you now of sandy's damage to the new york transportation system. the army corps of engineers brought in 250 high-speed pumping devices this morning to help the lead train the tunnel. we will get a look at the ferry subway transit station along with dozens of other stops that will have to be drained and
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cleaned and repaired before it can finally reopen again. we have pictures from long island where their real track remains blocked by downed trees and debris. crews are working to repair the track this service can reopen. as of this morning, there is very limited train and bus service in new york city. >> covering the nation, the search continues for the man involved in three bombings in virginia. the 25-year-old is wanted for detonating pipe bombs at the homes of his ex-girlfriend and two investigators handling and indecent exposure case. he has been charged with attempted capital murder, manufacture of a weapon of terror and are some. he is already wanted for exposing himself at a shopping center. he is said to be armed and dangerous. >> and illinois mother has been held without bond after a
5:39 pm
gruesome stabbing left two children dead, including her son. she is accused of stabbing her son and a 5-year-old girl to death inside the home on tuesday evening. according to prosecutors, she stabbed her son and the girl dozens of times and cut both of their throats. she was allegedly angry at her husband for leaving her alone to care for their child. the 5-year-old was allegedly killed because she witnessed the attack on the boy. two people are in custody after a shooting at the university of southern california campus. two men outside a campus center party where are given when one of the men pulled out a gun. one man was wounded and three others suffered injuries. the party was kept inside and a campus wide alert was sent. >> still ahead, a big announcement for under armor. >> a new specialty shop is
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opening up. where you can get customized advice, head. >> the baltimore humane society is in trouble. three days without power because of sandy. how you can help, straight ahead. >> doppler shows a few sprinkles and showers. we'll see if more rain is in the forecast and whether there is a warm-up coming your way.
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maryland, it's time. time for marriage equality. question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? >> coming up at 6:00, just five days away from the presidential election and it appears the race is neck and neck. have live team coverage in
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tonight 2012 report. another fact check -- looking a claims, the latest ones regarding question 6. these more -- these and
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>> that power is back on at the baltimore humane society. animals spent days in the dark in the cold and did -- and the conditions deteriorated. it also cost them big time. >> it is a good thing they have for because staff and volunteers have been pretty cold over the last few days. a generator on loan and the lobby and they caught by the front door telltale -- the rain and wind brought down this giant tree and it took out power lines
5:44 pm
monday, affecting dozens of homes and the animal shelter, which lost its generator that next day. >> we had to work by candlelight and flashlight after that. we had a leak in the lab which caught some water damage and we couldn't see any clients for three days, so we lost a lot of income. this is the surgery center we were not able to use. the water was coming through it you could see right through there. we will need to get the roof and ceiling repaired. there may be some electrical damage as well. we were in a bad place to start with that this did not help. >> the no-cal shelter is trying to find homes for hundreds of cats and dogs and with pat abandonment up in record numbers, the main society needs money. >> we need donations of cat litter and of food. >> we have to fundraisers this weekend. for more information, go to our web site.
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>> i think she should have gone home with that kitty. >> of the hauling cat. >> are we out of the woods weather wise? >> we have some dusty winds and chilly temperatures, but nothing you wouldn't expect in november. >> will we ever see sunshine again? >> yes. sometime next june, maybe? >> i will put money on that. >> around the area today, a cooler than normal start in november. 50 degrees thinks to the remnants of a sandy funneling chilly air in our direction. the average is 62 degrees, so we fell 12 degrees short of that. how about an 86-degree november day. the record low was 29. sandy is way up here in canada but the circulation is impacting the northeastern corner of the nation, drawing
5:46 pm
the chilly air down. there are weather disturbances tracking south as well. a few showers and sprinkles popping up. we will see that tonight and tomorrow as the weather disturbance is scheduled to drop in from the north and west with sprinkles of rain here and temperatures below normal. only 38 in frost bird. fifties in southern maryland and we will cool off a little tonight with mostly cloudy skies, temperatures will drop fast. winds at 8 to 15 miles an hour and some showers passing through. the counterclockwise flow remains in place through the day tomorrow. the high pressure will build into our area but temperatures are staying below normal. this shot of cold air is aimed in our direction as well. even when the sun comes back, as early as tomorrow afternoon, we will see some sunshine. it will be chilly and you can
5:47 pm
see the lake enhanced rain and showers. the weather passes south of us and we will pick up some of the cloud covers the showers stay south. we will watch for the possibility another storm may try to form on the coast. some indications we could have a coastal storm. 51 to 56 tomorrow with a few isolated showers. a small craft advisory remains on the day tomorrow. temperatures now 54. 61 degrees at the baltimore harbor. in the mountains, snow showers winding down to just a few leftover flurries and some sunshine but only in the '30's. that eastern shore features gusty winds and a few of spotty showers. sunshine at ocean city mixed
5:48 pm
with a few clouds and gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour. the weekend we go back to standard time. we go back to standard time at 2:00 on sunday morning. turn your clock back to 1:00 and the fire department reminds you its a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detector. sunshine on saturday and temperatures stay below normal right into election day. >> under armor is setting up shop in harbour east. the retailer is opening a new specialty store starting construction this month. officials say consumers can expect cutting edge technology along with clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. you also get expert recommendations for specific
5:49 pm
training needs. the store is expected to open in february. gas prices are dropping, but the same prices would have been considered outrageous just a few years ago. our drivers attitude's changing? >> the value of the school -- of that fuel has been changing more than the weather lately and drivers are not too happy about it. >> i think it is outrageous. i don't think anyone is happy about the price of gas, but what are you going to do? >> the more we fill up, the more we get used to paying higher prices. what is the normal price? >> anywhere under $4 would be decent. >> maybe $3 or $2.50 would be nice. >> $2.50 would probably be normal. >> over the years, we have created a new normal, pay more at the pump. >> we have a constant rate
5:50 pm
calibration of what our expectations are. >> not that long ago, $1.35 a gallon seemed way too high. times and attitudes have changed. >> power reference point is going to move up and anything that comes down off of that is going to be great. >> while $3.99 once seemed like a criminal price to pay, some drivers look at it with a sense of relief. while we threaten to drive less or car pool, more times than not, we fill our tanks and grumble and watch the roller- coaster ride we call gas prices. >> we have options colleges choose not to accept them. >> the current national average is about $3.50 a gallon. in baltimore, we are right on par with that. getting a good paying job in developing the skills to keep it
5:51 pm
is not easy, but it just got more accessible. baltimore city officials are launching a website featuring a searchable database of free and low-cost job training programs in and around baltimore. it is expected to fill a significant information gap to get a high wage jobs people want by making well informed choices. with the click of a mouse, you can look at a variety of services all over the city. for more information, you can add to our web site. >> getting cellphone reception in new york and new jersey could get easier. wireless providers have agreed to share networks in the days following super storm sandy. this is folks surrounding a power strip to charge their phones. the move allows customers to use whichever network gets coverage in their area. subscribers don't need to pay or do anything extra.
5:52 pm
calls will automatically connect with the strongest signal in that area. >> that was crazy. in the aftermath of the storm, lots of people almost forgot about it, but halloween is almost over. if you are on candy overload, there is a few ideas on what to do with your excess streets. many are donating their candy to kids on the east coast whose halloween was disrupted. there is also other causes like putting it into care packages for u.s. troops. for more information on how you can turn your treat over to someone else, you can add to our web site. just five days before the election. -- >> it gay marriage happens here, schools could teach the boys can marry boys. >> after massachusetts be defined marriage, they taught it to schools.
5:53 pm
>> we're checking the facts on the latest round of question six adds. but first -- >> what i found out is common sense just eight that common. >> comedian steve harvey says he's learning a lot in his new daytime park show. -- daytime talk show. he is opening up about his first month on the job.
5:54 pm
it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen.
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it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. >> he is a comedian and game
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show host and now the host of a successful new talk show. he is offering advice and insight in his new role, but he is slowing down in an interview with us. >> i see that crazy people here today. >> its a new role for steve harvey -- tv talk-show host. it's the latest on a long list of hat he wears. he says he is finding his niche and having a ball. >> i didn't know would be this rewarding and this much fun. >> fund he says covering topics from hilarious it to be serious. he calls itself a common sense their best. >> what i found out is common sense just ain't that comment. if you come on my show and asked me for help, i understand i have no schooling for any thing that's wrong with you. >> but as miss -- his mix of humor and inside is striking a chord, especially among women. >> you seem surprised by your
5:57 pm
success and humbled by it. >> how could i have predicted it? how could i have thought this show, especially amongst women would be doing what it is doing? we are producing a real number here and we are going to get better. >> and that will happen right away, with a big election day episode and plans to really turn up the heat. >> we have a great show, the houghs husbands and america. there are some heidi's out there. are some real fine has been out there. >> and has banned and father, he talks about his family often on the show. >> i wanted to know if i was a match for my life. >> i had to sit my family down and explain a very basic truth to him. daddy makes his living telling jokes.
5:58 pm
since none of you are helping to write jokes, you are going to have to at least be the joke. that wit and trademark smile so popular in his stand-up, something the live audience does to sue the what he calls his comedic beast. he says -- >> i don't miss stand up. i won't go back now. if things fall apart, i'm back. >> weekdays it to come right here on channel 11. >> let's hope they don't. we wish him the best of luck. here is a look at what is coming up new at 6:00. >> back from a tour of the new jersey coastline, the areas hardest hit and what we learned from the damage and what i learned about my family's home.
5:59 pm
>> we have a look at a final look at the push for the white house coming up. >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. our big story at 6:00, with just five days to go, the race for the white house continues to be neck-and-neck. >> president obama is back on the campaign trail while mayor romney tries to keep his momentum going. we have live team coverage tonight from both sides of the table. first, we start tracking the obama campaign. >> the president's whirlwind campaign schedule today took him to wisconsin and nevada and colorado. these are


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